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The brief

Shortly after completing the design and build of a separate sales website for their main offering in the Crown Campus arena, my client Vysiion decided that they would like to completely refresh their own company site (hopefully because they loved the Crown Campus site so much!)

Vysiion felt that their existing site no longer accurately reflected their business, especially with reference to the layout and content of the Crown Campus site.

The design

The design of the main company website needed to take image and typography cues from the Crown Campus site, as well as stand out on its own slightly. The two needed to look slightly different, but look like they were from the same company – quite a tricky brief!

To help with this, I decided to introduce a couple of other colours from the Vysiion colour palette. The Crown Campus website was very blue in colour, so the introduction of two extra colours (pale green and red) would help to differentiate slightly. A slightly different graphic device overlaying the page banners would also help give the main Vysiion site some difference.

Vysiion home page design layout

Vysiion home page design layout

The main Vysiion site wasn’t quite as infographic heavy as Crown Campus, but it did require some bespoke icon design to help clarify different options in the ‘Procurement Routes’ section.

Procurement Route icons

Procurement Route icons

Main overview pages in the top level navigation used photographic imagery in the top page banners, but deeper ‘inner’ pages used simple flat colours and graphic shapes, helping to make the site easily navigable.

The result

Website build, again, was done by Wordpress developer Andy Webb at Dream Abstract, who constructed the site on a closed staging site platform, before making live.

To visit the final site, head to