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Twist Consultants website

Twist Consultants website


The brief

Jo Twiselton, owner and coach at Twist Consultants, works with leaders, managers and communicators, providing change consultancy and leadership coaching.

After being kindly recommended by another client of mine, Jo got in touch, as she needed a website for her change management consultancy. We discussed budget and the potential size of the site and decided, as it was a relatively small brochure site, that I would design and build it using the Squarespace platform.

The design

With the help of Bristol-based Valuable Content, Jo had already a good idea of copy content, but we worked closely together to tweak the sitemap and structure of the site before starting the design of the pages.

The Twist Consultants logo already existed, so I pulled through the key purple colour into the main headings and subheadings on the site, as well as deciding on typography styles for the site which would neatly sit with this.

We used a combination of stock photography and some great images of Jo, shot by Becky Asplin. These bespoke shots helped add a real sense of personality and warmth to the website – which helped to feel like you could really get to know Jo and her business.

Twist Consultants home page design layout

Twist Consultants home page design layout

A key page in the website is Twist Consultants’ ‘People Change Manifesto’. For this I created bespoke illustrated icons for each manifesto point.

The result

The final site was built in Squarespace and connected to the domain which Jo already owned. The site also features a MailChimp newsletter sign up, blog and client case study section. I also spent a couple of hours with Jo face-to-face to walk her through the Squarespace back-end, making sure she had the knowledge to add blog posts and update text content and images herself.

Christian quickly grasped the key points about my business to build a site that really reflects me, my values, the way I work and how this supports clients. As a result, I’ve got a brilliant showcase of my business – I’ve had great feedback, telling me that it really sounds like me, is warm, welcoming and personal. Most of all, he helped to make this process really clear and straightforward and his understanding of Squarespace - and ability to get that across to me – has made this whole thing relatively easy.
— Jo Twiselton, Owner & Change Coach | Twist Consultants