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Purple House HR

Purple House recruitment website


The brief

Bristol HR recruitment specialists Purple House HR wanted a complete overhaul of their company website. The site had been designed and built a number of years previously, and lacked a lot of functionality that was required, along with updated content that directors Tom Mornement and Fiona Vennbrook had been recently working on.

The design

After meeting face-to-face with the client to discuss structure and content, the first stage was to wireframe some of the key pages to agree layout and structure. Wireframes were drawn up for the Home page, About Us page, Manifesto page and one of the specific director's profile pages.

Example wireframes for the Home page and About Us page

Example wireframes for the Home page and About Us page

Once wireframe structures were agreed, I then designed full layouts of key page templates. This stage also involved considering typography style and photographic imagery – especially in the banner header section of each page.

Original Home page design layout

Original Home page design layout

After full layouts were signed off, I then worked with freelance Wordpress developer Rob Wyborn to build the pages to replicate the designed layouts. With this kind of site design, there are inevitably slight tweaks to layout and imagery once the test site is up and running. These were broached, along with tweaking and testing of the responsive mobile view to make sure the site worked across tablet and mobile devices.

The result

To visit the final site, head to

At Purple House Recruitment we wanted to try and develop a website that wasn’t like all the other boring recruitment websites out there but we were getting stuck, really stuck and frustrated trying to come with something ourselves. Thankfully we were pointed in Christian’s direction by our friends at Valuable Content.

Christian was on the money from the very first meeting, he asked thought provoking questions, showed relevant examples of previous work and he listened to us and what we thought we wanted. We really enjoyed working with Christian and felt at all times that we were in safe hands confident in the knowledge that he would come up with the goods, and he did. We would gladly, happily and confidently recommend Christian and his work to anyone looking to develop their website, he is thoughtful, professional, honest and above all genuinely creative.
— Tom Mornement, Director | Purple House HR Recruitment