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Planning Ventures Client Story

Planning Ventures Client Story


So … how did we meet?

I met Julie Laming, director of Planning Ventures, after she was recommended to me by Amy Grenham of Desynit. Julie’s husband is one of their directors. (I really do value the power of relationships in business, word-of-mouth recommendations still work wonders!) I’d pretty much finished the Desynit rebranding work when Julie spoke of the need for a brand designer for her new business start-up.

Personality-wise, Julie and I seemed to click. We were both starting our own businesses at a similar time, understood and empathised with the difficulties and were at a very similar life-stage.

Actually we talked personally of where our lives were … he knew exactly where I was coming from, what I wanted to achieve and had direct personal experience of setting up his business. He had a great understanding of where I was and where I wanted to be and the rationale behind all of it.
— Julie Laming | Director, Planning Ventures

The main aim

To para-phrase Julie’s own words, the main aim of the brand identity was to make people see a different side to property planning. Ordinarily a fairly confrontational, bureaucratic, difficult process, Julie wanted Planning Ventures to present a different route. She was also keen that it help attract a different type of client – more creative and entrepreneurial.

Getting on with the job

Julie always has a very strong idea in her head of what she wants (and won’t mind me saying so!) It was my job to translate the brief into concepts for the brand identity and business cards that matched this. However, after only three stages of design development, we achieved this. The brand was then developed across a website, as well as icons for social media platforms.

A continuing relationship

I’ve enjoyed continuing to work with Planning Ventures and watching them (as well as helping them) grow as a business. We have since updated the website a second time as well as growing the strength of the brand across stationery, event invitations, email newsletter templates and seasonal communications.

I view Christian as an integral part of my company in a sense, because he’s created our company’s brand. Without him, we wouldn’t be what we are, so he’s vitally important.
— Julie Laming |Director, Planning Ventures