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Food Technical Expert

Food Technical Expert website design and brand refresh


The brief

Lucy MacLennan is a food technologist, who has worked with the likes of M&S and Mack, providing technical expertise across areas such as supply chain relations, project delivery, food chain insights, team development, crisis management and fresh produce supply.

Having worked with Bristol content agency Valuable Content, Lucy decided she wanted to update her website to be more content-driven. She was keen to add more finesse to her brand and the design of the site too.


The design

Before I started the website design, I looked at a small ‘tidy up’ of Lucy’s current Food Technical Expert brand. This involved experimenting with typography and then expanding the current two-colour palette into something slightly larger that would give more flexibility on the website.

food technical expert colour palette

To accompany the clean, crisp look of the brand logo, I chose a suitable font for the typography on the website – Josefin Sans. This was a free to use Google font, which could easily be linked through to the Wordpress platform.

food technical expert typography

Design started with the home page layout, involving a key, lead message which would instantly tell visitors what Food Technical Expert does. Shortly after that I added an option for visitors to visit which area of help they required, as well as links to browse key content, without having to delve too deeply into the site.


Inner page templates looked at the design of simple text-heavy pages, as well as ways to highlight important elements of information which talked directly to the visitor, such as key challenges.


I also looked at the structure of the blog overview area, as well as the style of individual blog posts.


As part of the content for the site, Lucy also asked me to design a downloadable pdf to help her communicate her working process. This was designed in the style of a classic recipe book. This used a relevant style of stock illustration, with recipe style copy written by Sharon Tanton of Valuable Content.

Lucy’s ‘How I Work’ Recipe for Success download

Lucy’s ‘How I Work’ Recipe for Success download

The result

The final site was built in the Wordpress platform by Toby Duckett, with photography of Lucy by Dianna Bonner of World Vision Photos. Take a look here.

I really enjoyed working with Christian and would highly recommend him to anyone. He was able to interpret my ideas into a design that exceeded my expectations, was highly organised and really responsive to all communications.
— Lucy MacLennan | Food Technical Expert