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Fizz Brand Experience

Fizz Brand Experience


The brief

Fizz Experience are a brand experience consultancy who help brings brands alive for their clients. This can be through organising sampling and product demos, through to brand consultancy itself.

Creative Cadence was kindly recommended to their marketing manager Andy Youings by Bristol-based Future Content, who had been working on some of their existing email and web content and were writing content for the new website. Fizz wanted to re-vamp their website, as their old site hadn’t been updated for a number of years and no longer spoke to their clients in the way they needed it to.

The design

Fizz already had a fairly comprehensive brand guidelines document, so it was a case of bringing the brand to the fore on the web, pushing areas of the brand further and coming up with a clean but engaging website template. For example, I brought in some colour gradient blends into areas such as inner page banners and call out speech bubbles, which had never been used before.

Fizz Marketing home page design layout

Fizz Marketing home page design layout

Fizz also had a great collection of photography, which was being under-utilised on their old site. Using some of these shots on the body of some of the inner pages, as well as on banners and in specific case studies really helps engage the viewer with the work that Fizz do. A stronger case study layout, with photography and key testimonial areas would help Fizz to shout about projects they had been involved in for their clients.

The result

For the website build, I worked with freelance Wordpress developer Gary Cottington. Gary worked really hard to translate my designs into a development site before making live once Fizz were satisfied all the content was in place.

We approached Christian via a mutual connection after he was recommended for a project to completely redesign our company website at the end of 2018/early 2019. From the outset it was clear what a great creative partner Christian was going to be. He quickly understood our requirements and was able to give our established website a much-needed refresh while maintaining a look and feel that was familiar to our long-standing clients.

Not only was Christian able to create a website that looked and functioned fantastically, but was also able to cleverly design it in such a way so that it provides great flexibility for adding future content and functionality and remains adaptable to users ever-changing channels to access web content (mobile, etc.).
— Andy Youings, Marketing Manager | Fizz Experience