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Elysium Studios

Elysium Studios brand identity


The brief

Elysium Studios is a music and promos video filming and production company run by James Royall in Bristol. James met up with me to discuss the work he had already done for Bristol venues such as The Blue Mountain and Cosies, as well as music videos for up and coming bands such as Aztecs and Bridges.

The design

James liked clean, crisp logo styles, which are a favourite of mine and he'd seen in some of my previous work. He also chatted about the word 'elysium' being used in Greek mythology, but was keen not to use too much mythological imagery.


The result

The resulting logo played more on the idea of 'elysium' being a perfect place to be, almost like a form of utopia (again from mythology). The icon reflects the idea of that moment in time when two worlds collide, or are in perfect unison. The overlapping circles also play on the idea of video camera lenses and lens-flare.

The typeface used is DIN Next Pro, which gives a clean, modern feel, as well as a slight futuristic, technical edge – without being overtly nerdy or scientific.