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Distribution Engine Lead Assignment Guide

Distribution Engine Lead Assignment Guide


The brief

Bristol-based technical consultancy NC2 commissioned Creative Cadence to design and illustrate a booklet detailing their Distribution Engine lead assignment offering to customers. Distribution Engine uses the power of the Salesforce platform to intelligently assign sales leads to the right people within a business. It also tracks response times and is scaleable within a business as it grows.

Distribution Engine Salesforce Lead Assignment Guide

The design

NC2 already had an illustration style of characters, used on their website, but needed copy written by Valuable Content to be designed into a printed booklet. New illustrations also needed creating in the same style to communicate specific messaging within the piece.

The result

The booklet was designed and printed to be available to potential customers at the Cloudforce London event where Distribution Engine were exhibiting. Since designing the piece, it has also been made available as a pdf download, and a further updated printed version designed and printed.