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Desynit Client Story

Desynit Client Story


So … how did we meet?

Believe it or not, a random conversation in a local park. Amy, marketing manager at Desynit, and I had bumped into each other whilst watching over our respective kids in the playground – we already knew each other, as we lived locally.

Amy was discussing her struggles to find a decent designer to look at their rebranding project. Unbeknown to her, I’d literally just handed my notice in at my previous full-time agency job.

When I initially spoke to Christian about the brief, he asked a lot of the right questions and also, he wasn’t trying to tell me that he could do everything … I think people have their specialisms, and you need to get specific.
— Amy Grenham | Marketing Manager, Desynit

The main aim

To help promote and grow the business by helping them stand out in a plethora of boring blue clichéd IT brands.

Getting on with the job

After a more formal discussion about the rebrand, I was invited to submit costs and subsequently commissioned for the job. The rebrand took the route of full logo design, stationery, presentation templates, and the creation of full brand guidelines which would give Desynit the tools to take the new brand forwards themselves. Guidelines included typography rules, colour palette and illustration styles. I also designed and illustrated their brand manifesto.

A continuing relationship

Desynit have remained a client ever since, valuing my continued design input on their marketing materials. These have included website redesign, infographics, exhibition stands, e-books, Christmas campaigns and blog post graphics.

He’s like an extension of your own department, really. If you’re the only person working in marketing in your organisation, that’s a really nice thing to have. To have that resource, sort of a sanity check, and a trusted advisor, I suppose.
— Amy Grenham | Marketing Manager, Desynit