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Client design stories


People often ask which client sector I specialise in. The answer is … ‘none’. My interest comes in working with clients in various sectors. The one thing that links them? The need to communicate complex information in a simple, easily understandable and beautiful way.

desynit brand logo

Desynit: Salesforce innovators

A complete brand refresh plus a suite of ongoing follow-on marketing materials for this Bristol-based innovative company delivering technically pioneering projects on the Salesforce platform.

We were trying to build an entirely new platform for our marketing and we were looking for a designer who could do that and could also work with us to put that together.
— Amy Grenham, Marketing Manager

Planning Ventures: independent planning consultants

Bringing a start-up to life to help them portray a new side to planning. Bright, engaging and personable contrasts with the usual grey, beige and navy blue of this particular business sector.

I needed to have a really strong brand that was so different to all the other consultancies out there, so that we stood apart from everybody else, in terms of how we looked, the visual feel of it.
— Julie Laming, Director
planning ventures brand logo

Cansford Laboratories guide cover

Cansford Laboratories: drug and alcohol testing pioneers

Helping a pioneering laboratory communicate a hugely complicated subject matter. It was about looking at ways to convey technical information – bringing it down to basics and making materials easier to read, without losing any of the important details. 

We’re slowly but surely whipping the business into shape so that it looks much better externally, but also internally as well. And that has a really good motivational factor on everyone.
— Lance Hiley, Marketing Director