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Data Protection

Privacy and Data Protection Policy



  1. I (Creative Cadence Ltd.,) do not and shall not in any circumstance sell or give your personal data to third parties, unless required to by a court order or judgement. The only circumstances under which I may authorise third parties to process or store your data on our behalf are outlined below.
  2. Unless expressly advised to the contrary, I nonetheless reserve the right to mention you in the context of recommending your professional services to third parties if I believe that your services may be of interest or value to them.
  3. Consent for me to retain any electronic, postal, telephone-based and live communications made to Creative Cadence Ltd, and / or notes or other records of these, analogue or digital, in the legitimate interest of my ability to efficiently serve your needs as a customer whether in the present or in the future, will be presumed in the absence of express instructions to the contrary at or after the time that the communications occur.
  4. Consent for me to retain such communications or records thereof may be revoked by any subject at any time by asserting in writing to Creative Cadence Ltd, the right to be forgotten. In such circumstances, I will make every effort to permanently destroy all such records within a period not exceeding sixty (60) working days.
  5. If in the course of carrying out my services to you as a client I require access to log-in credentials including user names and passwords in order to gain entry to restricted-access areas of websites and other digital media applications on which you have assigned us to work, I shall exercise due care to protect these credentials from all third parties as well as from people who do not require access to them.
  6. I reserve the right to share data, where that is necessary, with a trusted book-keeping service and payroll provider.
  7. Individuals with whom I have had contact have the right to request a copy of the personal data that I hold about them. In such cases, they will be required first to prove their identity in order to protect the true individuals regarding whom such requests are made. The time taken to process such requests will subsequently be charged at my standard hourly rate.

This page was last updated on 10th May, 2018.