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Brand identity for aquatics installation start-up


The brief

With around twenty years in the aquatic installation industry, Philip Jane got in touch with me, as he was starting up his own business and needed a brand identity. Phil’s business was to build and install aquatic life support systems for private sector and public sector aquariums, as well as educational establishments. He also planned to offer services as a consultant to the aquarium and zoo industry.

The design

I had a good chat through the project with Phil, where he ran through his idea for the name of the business. ‘Copperband’ is a species of fish, well known in the industry Phil was to operate in. The Copperband Butterfly fish was also one of the first fish Phil had kept in aquariums in his work, so had particular relevance to him as the business owner.

The most striking thing about this fish were the stripes of copper/orange colour, so it seemed like a strong concept to run with, to produce an iconic logo.

The result

After producing four different identities to present to Phil, he chose a strong, two-coloured design, with the iconic fish simplified down to its famous stripes.

I chose the typeface ‘Righteous’ for the main logotype, because of the interesting pointed serifs on the lower-case ‘p’, ‘r’ and ‘a’ characters. To give even more personality, I made some bespoke tweaks, by adding similar serifs to the ‘b’ and ‘d’ characters, which weren’t previously there.

Copperband logo on white

Two versions of the main logo were created – to work on dark and light backgrounds. I then designed accompanying business cards and letterheads – essential stationery for Phil to get his business up and running.

Copperband business card design
Copperband letterhead stationery design
Really enjoyed working on the logo designs with Christian. He is easy to work with, polite, efficient and very good at what he does. As a new start up money was tight and his rates were also very reasonable! I am really happy with the result and have been complimented on how apt for my business and professional it is. Look forward to working with you again Christian
— Philip Jane, owner, Copperband Aquatic Installations