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Cansford Client Story

Cansford Laboratories Client Story


So … how did we meet?

My relationship with Cansford Laboratories is slightly different to most of my other clients – but no less important. Lance Hiley works for Cansford as a part-time Marketing Director, so it’s him I deal with on a day-to-day basis rather than the client directly.

I was first introduced to Lance by Bristol content agency Future Content. Cansford Labs were a client of theirs who had approached them to write an e-book. Future Content needed to source external design resource for this, as they had none in-house.

I had a look at Christian’s portfolio, compared to some others and it seemed like his relevant experience was better suited for the type of topic that we were covering.
— Lance Hiley | Freelance Marketing Director

The main aim

Cansford Labs had an existing brand identity … but it was very limited, consisting of a logo, a small colour palette and access to previous materials which gave an idea of fonts they’d used in the past. The aim was to expand upon these brand elements by working on a design style for the e-book – one that would be easy and engaging to read. I also needed to bear in mind the potential for using the same style across further marketing materials in the future. 

Getting on with the job

I set a design style for the e-book, giving it a clean, contemporary feel, but one that retained a professionalism to remain in line with Cansford’s business sector. To make the e-book easier to read and shorter in length, I also designed an illustration style using brand colours to compliment the copy content.

Christian gave it a lot more life and a lot more vibrance. And also, developed quite a unique complementary illustration style for us as well. Up until that point they had used a variety of technical, medical-like drawings that really didn’t look very good.
— Lance Hiley | Freelance Marketing Director

A continuing relationship

Far from being a one-off e-book job, I’ve continued to help with Lance’s marketing role at Cansford Laboratories. We’ve since worked together on an updated e-book for a Social Worker target audience, as well as an exhibition stand, business cards, flyer design and a series of printed blog post articles.