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Bristol 52

Identity for Bristol social media culture project


The brief

Bristol52 is a social media culture project based in Bristol – 52 weeks, 52 people, 1 Twitter account, 1 city represented (Bristol!) Throughout the year a different person takes over the Bristol52 twitter account each week and shows the social media world what their Bristol is all about. At the start of the next week a new person takes charge and shows a different side to the city – what it means to them.

The design

The Bristol52 identity needed to be really clean and simple – it purely existing across the social media world of Twitter, so I created a logo that could be used both in a web-based situation for the blog and also a version that would work well as a Twitter avatar icon..

The result

The resulting identity uses the famous Bristol Blue Glass colour as well as a complementary lighter blue. The typography is designed to have a robust, strong, classic industrial feel to hark back to Bristol’s successes in the engineering field by the likes of Brunel, but with a slightly modern twist. The ‘52’ contains the subtle icons of a heart and a speech bubble in the negative spaces. This represents the whole premise of the Bristol 52 project – different people telling us about the city they love.