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Views from the studio

Views from the studio

Twitter – putting value to a tweet for new business

Twitter – where it all started

Back in April of this year Creative Cadence connected with local freelance marketing consultant, MERJ Marketing, on Twitter. Rob Pendleton, the man behind MERJ, is one of those followers who engages on Twitter, likes posts, comments on tweets, is actually ‘social’ on social media.

After this went on for a few weeks Rob sent a direct message, floating the idea of meeting up, as we were both Bristol-based. Coffee, no hard-sell, purely a chance to meet face to face and share what we do.


So, Rob and I met for a coffee and found that we got on really well. It must have been to do with us both hailing from Lancashire originally, and we also have a shared love of cycling, which always helps. We shared what we do in our work and chatted about other things (cycling!) The meeting ended with a promise to keep in touch, as Rob knew he would be acting as a freelance marketing consultant in businesses without any in-house design capability and there may be a chance to push some work my way.


Towards the middle of June, Rob emailed, “Wondered whether you fancied quoting on some work for one of the businesses I’m working for?” A month later, after quoting and a couple of emails to verify costs and sign the quote off, we met for the second time to kick off the brief for the project.

Scope of work

The scope of work we were signed off to complete, for an IT Services company, included designs for a small brochure, printed folder, three pull up exhibition banners and a larger pop-up display stand.

So can you really value a tweet?

Whilst Rob didn’t have a huge budget to spend, the relationship with MERJ marketing generated just over £2k worth of business for Creative Cadence. It’s hard to put value on a tweet specifically, but the odd tweet response here and there over a period of two months, a couple of direct messages and two face-to-face meetings, led to over £2k worth of business. Interesting for those small businesses unsure of whether it’s ‘worth’ bothering with social media. The time spent on Twitter for this was minimum – the only real cost involved were two hours of my time in meetings, maybe an hour to quote and the price of a couple of coffees. (Actually, I think Rob bought at least one!) That possibly amounts to around £125.00 investment on my part.

Not very scientific I admit, but it could put the value of a tweet at around £1,875 … not bad, considering the short amount of time invested.

Funny things happen in social media, one minute you’re playing AC/DC and telling the world via Twitter, the next minute you get a conversation going … and that’s what happened with Christian. Since meeting up I’ve worked with Christian on an IT Services-related brief and have found his understanding, knowledge and delivery of design to be first class. Always worth a conversation … if you like AC/DC that is.
— Rob Pendleton – MERJ Marketing