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Views from the studio

Views from the studio

Use the power of the Rooster to boost your business in 2017


2017 is the Chinese year of the Rooster, starting from January 28th and ending on February 15th. Specifically the year of the Fire Rooster or Red Rooster, this animal holds characteristics of trustworthiness and a strong sense of timekeeping and responsibility at work. What other powers can we learn from the Rooster for our businesses this year?

Courageous, hardworking, and talented

We had to be all three of these to start our businesses in the first place. We need to be all three of these to keep our businesses running day-to-day, week-to-week, year on year. Courage is about trying new things, whether it’s new systems (I promised I’d get to grips with project management this year) working with new people, or branching out into learning and developing new products.

So, yes, you are hardworking and talented, but what are you taking the courage to do differently this year?


Happiest when they’re surrounded by others

I spend most of my time working alone – just a situation with my desk-space at the moment. This is why I relish meeting clients and suppliers face-to-face wherever possible and, in turn, fostering better relationships. Often a brief can be discussed more easily and problems can be sorted out quicker face-to-face, than with a stream of emails. We also bounce of colleagues and the people around us – another reason why us lone roosters should mix with other people on a daily basis, however small the interaction.

Do you work better in a team, or are you a lone Rooster?


Enjoy the spotlight and will exhibit their charm

I would be the last person to say I ‘enjoy’ the spotlight, but as business owners we need to get out there and openly exhibit our charm. This can be in arranged meetings or more informal networking events and situations. People buy people (I think ‘people’ say), so ruffle some feathers like the red rooster and show what you’ve got.

Do you enjoy presenting to clients or networking? What advice would you give those that aren’t so confident?


Like to brag about their accomplishments

I’m naturally a shy person, more comfortable not shouting about my achievements than displaying my talents. It still takes a lot of effort after nearly four years in business, but competition has taught me to proudly and confidently display my work and achievements.

Where do you find is the most successful place to showcase your accomplishments?


Open, honest and loyal individuals

Honesty is absolutely the best way forwards. Admit it when you’ve messed up. I’ve had to call clients in the past to explain a print job that’s gone wrong. As long as you can offer a solution that fixes the problem, most people are fine with that and really appreciate the honesty. Honesty shows you care about what you do and value their business. It’s back to relationships again, honesty breeds loyalty in most cases.

Do your clients respond better to honesty or do you ever keep mistakes under wraps?


More motivated than other animals in the Chinese zodiac

Daily motivation is difficult sometimes. Many’s the day I could turn the alarm off and grab an extra hour, instead of bouncing up to start the day (in fact, I rarely bounce!) Us entrepreneurs are motivated because we love what we do and have a pride in working for ourselves (puff those chest feathers out!) If you struggle with motivation at some points, stop what you’re doing, go for a walk, listen to some AC/DC, bake a cake, whatever … us roosters know how to fix it right?

What are your tips for staying motivated?


Roosters can deal with a variety of tasks

I’m dubious as to whether this is a good thing or not. Multi-tasking is now becoming a burden, not a skill. I resolve to plan more this coming year. Plan and schedule the non-client work too. Blog writing, marketing, the financials, IT and systems management. I’m terrible for doing all this a bit ad-hoc and I’d love to get more structure to it.

How do you avoid drowning in workload?


In summary

Make like a rooster. Have courage, confidence and charm. Show us your rooster talent – view the origami rooster instructions here and share your creation on Twitter or Instagram, using the hashtag #roosterboost17

All you need is a square piece of paper and some of that rooster confidence.

Enjoy … and Happy Chinese New Year!

Here’s one I made earlier – this is what you’re aiming for (ish … it's quite difficult!)

Here’s one I made earlier – this is what you’re aiming for (ish … it's quite difficult!)