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Views from the studio

Views from the studio

Add some bang and sparkle to your marketing

Be individual ... The Sparkler

Be individual ... The Sparkler

Individuality helps you stand out in the market place and in other arenas such as social media. If you work for yourself, you can stand out as an individual. If you run a business or are a marketing manager within a large company, you can help your brand be more individual and stand out amongst your competition.

Try to think differently from your competitors. Talk about something in your industry that they're not.

Timing ... The Traffic Light

Marketing should obviously be a constant activity. However, try to tie in your marketing with current themes, what's going on in the news, what's going on within your industry. You can tie marketing activity with well-known events such as Christmas, but what about using less famous annual events such as International Youth Day or less seriously, International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Have a look at for some suggestions.

Surprise people ... Jack-in-a-Box.

It's often expected that certain sectors will always do things in a certain 'formulaic' way, always send their marketing communications by email, employ the use of door-drop flyers, or use telemarketing. Surprise customers by doing what you're NOT expected to do. If you're quite traditional currently, think about marketing in new ways such as via social media, Twitter or Facebook for example. Competitions are a great way to do this, engage with customers and let them engage with your brand. If you're 'all over' digital media, why not try a traditional posted 'desk-drop' piece of marketing (depending who you're customers are). Send them an interesting object or pack that requires a response.

Be clear ... The Floodlight.

Whichever route you decide upon, try to be as clear as possible from the start. Involve other members of your team in the process by all means, but try to hone that idea down to one that you believe will work, and stick to that. Messaging should be clear - headlines and copy content. What are you trying to say? What are you selling or promoting? How do you want your audience to respond? Employ the services of a copywriter if necessary ... Even if it's just to polish the content that you've already written.

Take aim ... The Starblazer

So whether it's through internet or digital marketing, advertising, direct marketing, or events and PR, you can start to think about adding some extra 'pop' to your marketing communications. Think about who to target, depending on your marketing plan, your budgets and your objectives. Aim as high as you see fit for you or your business, at the people that you think will benefit from your business. Despite the very wise advice of never returning to a firework once lit, in this context, don't be afraid of giving those prospects you've aimed your communications at a little nudge once in a while. Marketing communications are a great excuse for catching up with people like this.