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Views from the studio

Views from the studio

What if it was okay just to keep going?

I woke up on the morning, the day before New Year's Eve, feeling stressed, despite having had over two weeks off work. I’d made the mistake of checking my social media feeds and email inbox over the past few days. They were full of advice on how to be a ‘better you’, how to make plans, set goals, stick to resolutions, be better than you were last year.

This got me thinking … since when was it not ok just to keep going?


Yes, I admit, previous years to this I've written blog posts about my new year resolutions and plans for the business … and personal life. This year though, I'm just not feeling like planning ahead. You may disagree, but for 2018, what if I simply keep going? Keep doing what I do, to the best of my ability? I may implement some changes along the way, but currently, I couldn't even begin to tell you what they might be.

Small gains

Small tweaks to the business and the way I do things will have positive effects, but I wouldn't call them resolutions … more ongoing adjustments. Maybe I’m scared … if I make huge statements in writing about what I'm going to do in 2018, then I have to be accountable for them.

Make plans when the mood is lighter

A Christmas break can give us time to contemplate and reflect on the past year and what we think we should do going forwards. On the flip side, I would argue whether winter is the greatest time to make positive plans. The days are cold, the evenings are dark and the summer seems a long way away. Come the onset of Spring, my mood certainly lifts and leaves me in a better position to make positive plans. Maybe I should tweak the end of my business year to match my financial year, which ends (or starts!) in mid-May?

Do you thrive on reflection or realisation?

I can understand that many business owners thrive on reflection – looking back at what’s worked and what hasn’t. I find it easier to reflect on a regular basis, whether that be weekly, monthly, quarterly and realise what’s working or what isn't, then make small adjustments accordingly.

Additional resolution pressure

I've literally just heard a piece on the news about New Year's resolutions causing more stress – particularly for those people who struggle with mental health. For many people, modern life throws so much at us, why should we add to that stress by setting huge resolutions we know we'll never meet? (Especially just because other people are, or say you should).

Just keep going

You know what? I'm just going to try and keep going. I'm proud of the business and where it's at. I'm not particularly ambitious as a person. However, Creative Cadence will be five years old in May 2018. Clients still love the work that I produce and value how it helps their businesses. I think that’ll do for the moment. If I do implement any changes along the way, I'll let you know.

How about you? How are you approaching 2018? Do you think I should be more ambitious, or is it ok to ‘carry on’?  I'd love to hear your thoughts. Oh … and happy new year to you.