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Views from the studio

Views from the studio

Ten things to do with your extra hour

So, British Summer Time ends this weekend, with the clocks going back one hour at 2.00am on Sunday. Here’s ten things you could do with that extra hour – some fun, and some dull … but useful:

1. Stay in bed

Simple really, but our lives are exhausting and hopefully the kids (if you have them) won’t notice the whole ‘hour’ thing.

2. Exercise

I love a bike ride, and even if you’re not a regular cyclist, you should be able to ride about 10 miles in an hour. Look for a place five miles away from where you live and get yourself on a little round trip.

3. Phone a friend

I’m as bad as everyone else nowadays and don’t actually speak to friends very often, unless it’s to do with work – or I just send a quick text. Spend an hour chatting to a couple of people instead.

4. Read a book

OK, you’ve got to be a fast reader to read a whole book, but maybe take in a couple of chapters – with a cup of tea.

5. Clear your email inbox

This might take longer than an hour, depending how organised you are. Look on it as the digital equivalent of tidying your desk. If you finish early, maybe you could tidy your ‘actual’ desk … or your computer desktop.

6. Write your Christmas list

Well … now the clocks have gone back, Christmas will be upon us before you know it. Our kids have already written their Christmas lists, so why not think about yourself for a change?

7. Update all your social media profiles

When was the last time you updated your little ‘intro’ paragraph on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ etc? You can tweak the wording slightly for each social media platform, depending on the audience, but it shouldn’t take too long to write the main thing.

8. Make a new music playlist

Music is good for the soul. I use Spotify to listen online and the other week I made a playlist purely from albums that were released the year I was born. It turned up some real gems including, ‘A Horse with no name’ by America, ‘Ziggy Stardust’ by David Bowie, and ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ by Lou Reed. Give it a shot, unless you were born in 1994 when The Spice Girls first appeared on the scene.

9. Catch up on work inspiration

I follow a lot of creative blogs on Twitter, Facebook etc and never have time to read many of the posts. I might spend an hour catching up on a few this weekend.

10. Bamboozle your brain with science

Think about the fact that the NASA spacecraft Voyager 1 first left Earth 36 years ago, and is now in interstellar space around 19,443,840,992 km away from us but getting further away by about 17 km a second. Or think about how, prior to 2003 you could have boarded Concorde and travelled 1,350 miles in your spare hour, but now you can’t, which isn’t really progress, more a step backwards in time.