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Views from the studio

E-Signatures: Are You Ignoring a Business Essential?

Photo by  Austin Chan  on  Unsplash

Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash

As a business owner you’re juggling a lot, managing your workflow and employees, trying to get your head around marketing, AdWords, SEO, keywords, the list is endless. All while providing the best service you can to your clients.

While we’re all familiar with technology and software and how it can help cut down somethings on your plate, there’s always something new that might just change the way you think.

How E-Signatures can help you

Picture this: It’s been a long day and you’ve finally come to the end of a project and you’re ready to sign some designs off. You’ve now got to print out documents to send in the mail, or meet someone face to face so they can give you the go ahead. Wrong, E-Signature software allows you to upload the contract or invoice that needs signing off to a server and they send it over email for the client to sign electronically, there and then.  All they need to do their end is open the document and draw, type or upload their signature.

I know what you’re thinking ‘signatures aren’t important’ but agreeing to certain criteria over the phone, email or scrawled on a napkin, won’t cover your back if someone decides they don’t like the design, after you’ve worked for months on the thing they verbally okayed. E-signature software is one of the easiest ways you can safeguard your agreements, as well as look pretty good while you’re at it.

With signing software you can upload your documents straight from your computer. Signable’s software for example, also allows you to sign on the move, through their app as well as APIs that can integrate with your systems. What’s more all your documents are stored in the cloud, so you don’t have to keep that napkin Terry signed from that lunch 3 months ago.

But are they legal & secure?

All companies providing this service must comply with  E-signature law, either eIDAS in the EU, or the various US legislations. So you can be sure that your documents will be upheld in court. 100% more secure than napkins.

So, all things considered, E-Signatures have paved the way to a more efficient workflow and freed up admin time, so you can research super exciting keywords.

Guest blog post written by Sophie Torry-Cook from Signable