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Views from the studio

Views from the studio

On being (possibly) a control freak


An interesting situation cropped up earlier this week, when a client offered to do the final text amends to a brochure design I’ve been working on, in order to save me time and hassle.

Save me time and hassle? Sounds excellent, right?

Except, the ‘control freak’ designer in me decided that I’d rather actually cope with the additional time and hassle, in order that the design remain ‘just so’ and completely under my control.

It got me thinking … was that an ok thing to do? My take was that it’s my job to see the whole design through and make sure everything is absolutely spot on. But then I worried about how I find it difficult to let go … and that maybe I shouldn’t be too precious about these such a thing?

I remember when I worked in larger agencies, before setting up this business, I’d often find it hard to delegate, preferring to just ‘do things myself’ – was I crazy and actually causing myself more work?

I’d hate to think it’s a lack of trust … but now I’m worried. Does anyone else struggle like this sometimes? Is this rife in design-orientated industries, such as graphic design, web design, architecture etc, or does everyone suffer?

(The client in question by the way is lovely and totally trustworthy. It’s not them, it’s me 😆 )

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