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Views from the studio

Views from the studio

Take your business on a rebranding adventure

So, the summer holidays are over (or at least if feels like it with the kids back at school this week!)

This year I took my family on a week long camping adventure down to Cornwall. An adventure in that it was the first time we’d camped for that long together, the first time we’d used a camper van (hired) and we turned it into a road trip by moving camp every couple of nights and exploring new places.

For businesses it’s easy to stick with the same brand, year after year, a bit like a fellow camper I spoke to while I was away, who been holidaying at that same site for the past fifteen years. It was safe, he knew where everything was and his family never complained about it. Why should he go anywhere else?

Why should a business ever rebrand if no one ever complains about it?

Gain competitive advantage (be the first to that cool camp site your fellow campers don't know about yet!)

A great rebrand can allow your company to reflect the current state of the market in your field. The launch of a new brand can put you ahead of the competition, through general awareness, renewed messaging (a chance to change direction or focus your offering more) and renewed interest in your business from both existing and potentially new customers.

Demonstrate growth and expansion (pitch a four bedroom marquee with a flag on top, to replace your tired old one-man tent!)

For a smaller business, a rebrand is a chance to demonstrate that you are stepping up to the next level. You can communicate an evolution of your business, something more sophisticated and grown up than when you first started out. You can demonstrate that you are successful and prosperous and move forwards again on your adventure.

Internal motivation and morale (your family will thank you for a new adventure and destination!)

A rebrand is also a great chance to either re-engage or further excite your employees about the business and their role in it. As part of it, you can involve them in the process. Ask for their support, use their knowledge and listen to their feedback. A brand today is more than a logo and colour palette. Engage employees with new brand values for them to work with, you could even hold a group event where they help suggest what the values might be. Use the rebrand to update internal signage and graphics - a new look space for your employees to work in. Hold an internal event to launch the new brand as well as launching it to your customers.

So, why not embark on a rebranding venture for your business? You might find a new destination you can all enjoy and benefit from.