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Views from the studio

Views from the studio

Are we hitting a period of anti-social media?

Possible rant-alert … but I’m actually quite curious …

I use social media a lot for my business, for marketing purposes, connecting with prospects, sharing (hopefully) engaging content and keeping up with industry related news and gossip. I try to do this across the main social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook (company page), LinkedIn and Google Plus. I was quite an early adopter of Twitter, back in the day, probably when it first started around 2006 and similarly with LinkedIn.

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I feel that lately, the ‘social’ element has started to fade. Recently, having recently attended a one-day ‘LinkedIn Masterclass’, I’ve started to personalise my connection requests a lot more. This means that rather than sending the default, ‘I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn’ message, I write something personal, maybe explaining why I want to connect, asking the potential connection about their business, that kind of thing. If people don’t want to connect, for whatever reason, that’s fine. However, I often get people accepting the connection (great), but then nothing else. After writing a bespoke message to them in the first place, I’d kind of expect some kind of short response from them back. I’m not after War and Peace, just a sentence or two … being social on social media you know?

Similarly on Twitter, if someone interesting follows me, I’ll sometimes (but not always) send a little tweet back, or Direct Message if I’ve followed them too. This will obviously only be short, just to say ‘thanks for following’, or ask them how business is. I’m not even a robotic auto-reply (which you do get a lot of when you follow people), I’ve taken a minute of time to write this, personal to them. More often than not, again, no response. And this is from people who followed ME remember? I quite like to be social … on social media.

I think there seems to be a bit of a ‘Top Trumps’ mentality on some social media platforms nowadays. Some people are more focused on the number of connections, followers, friends and people in their circles, rather than the quality of them, OR actually engaging in any social conversation. I can understand that people are time-poor nowadays, but surely one of the benefits of social media is its ease-of-use and, in the case of Twitter, its short-message mentality.

Rant over … oh, and if you do want to be social on social-media, you know where to find me.