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BAA Brand

British Animation Awards brand refresh


The brief

The British Animation Awards serves to champion the field of animation in the UK, ensuring that the art form is supported, credited and promoted and gets celebrated in the way it deserves. An awards ceremony, held bi-annually, is a chance for the industry to come together to celebrate and reward innovative creative work in the field.

The old brand identity for the BAA had existed since the early to mid 1990’s. When I first met with new director Helen Brunsdon, she talked of wanting to refresh, modernise and liven up the brand, hand-in-hand with her taking over the position and helping her promote the awards for the next ceremony in 2020.

Above: British Animation Awards logos … before and after the brand refresh

The design

The BAA had a long tradition of using a sheep as an icon and didn’t want to lose this, as it was always warmly received and gave a fun theme for the brand and awards ceremonies. My feeling was that the logo was weak from a typographic point of view – two very different, quite illegible fonts which didn’t sit together well. I also wanted to take a look at the ‘marking’ on the back of the sheep, which I thought was a nice idea, but not executed particularly strongly.

Keeping the original sheep icon itself, I re-designed the ‘splodge’ marking and chose a new font which I thought gave more clarity and legibility as well as being more in-keeping with the rounded ‘cartoon’ nature of the sheep itself.

At the same time as working on the logo and typographic style, I also expanded the colour palette to a range of colours that would sit with the existing pink and allow more flexibility in taking through to marketing communications going forwards.

These decisions manifested themselves in a short brand guidelines document (above) which included rules on body copy fonts, as well as creating a range of shapes which could be used as colour backgrounds and text containers.

BAA landing page design layout

BAA landing page design layout

Next job was to design an initial landing page / holding page for the website (above), as well as a sponsorship booklet (below), which Helen could use to send to potential sponsors to garner interest and funding for the 2020 event.

The result

The holding page for the website was built by developer Andy Webb at Dream Abstract, with the rest of the site to be designed and built behind this as the next thing on the list. The sponsorship document was printed, as well as being supplied as a pdf, which Helen could also email to potential sponsors. The newly refreshed logo is being rolled out across British Animation Awards social media channels, with a view to using across the presentations at the 2020 awards themselves.

Quote to come
— Helen Brunsdon, Director | British Animation Awards