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About you


Could your business do with my help?

Are you an ambitious small business owner or lone marketer in a growing firm? Are you working hard to build your brand, get noticed and make a difference? Then you’ll be working flat out, juggling projects and client demands while trying to spread the word about what you do in all the right places.

When your business is aiming to move up a league, it makes a big difference if the brand is looking good. Strong brand design tell your story brilliantly, even when you’re not in the room. They give you and the team confidence. When your website, exhibition graphics, brochures and other marketing collateral are top notch, everyone can play to their strengths. When your brand doesn’t reflect the story you want to tell it’s hard to make your marketing work.

How do you get it right? Confident design comes from getting under the skin of the business challenge, and designing for purpose. Making complex ideas beautifully understandable, and technical products tangibly human.  Knowing what works and what doesn’t; and knowing when to take risks. It’s forged in the belief that when it comes to design, simplicity is best, but being boring is a crime.

“I’m up for simple, uncomplicated, straight to the point, get your message across design– and I believe it’s good to have fun with it.”

If your business could do with a shot of visual confidence, the answer is to get yourself a design partner – an experienced, intelligent pair of design hands that you can trust to get your brand looking its best while you get on with everything else. That’s where I come in. I can help you get all your marketing collateral into top gear, so you can achieve your goals more swiftly. Perhaps you’re seeking big changes – to win in new markets, find more customers, and launch new products. Or maybe you want to strengthen a growing brand, and need help telling the next chapter of your business story.

Whatever your design challenge and goals, if this sounds like you, I’d love to help.