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About me

About me

Christian Tait graphic designer

I’m a freelance graphic designer, working with lone marketers and business owners in maturing businesses selling complex products or services.

My clients are often at a crossroads, busy and overstretched, but ready to invest in the brand to take their business to the next level. Maybe they need help visualising their ideas, making a technical product human and accessible, or developing a brand with the personality that’s going to set them apart in a competitive field. 

I help clients transform their brand and marketing collateral; from brand redesign to creating the on-going design assets a business needs as it grows. Business owners and marketers get the best from me when we work in partnership together. Once I’m under the skin of a business, my clients rely on my design skills and knowledge to help their marketing stay fresh and effective.

You feel like he’s part of your team, that he’s on your side.
— Amy Grenham, Marketing Manager, Desynit
Desynit brand and business card design

A good example is NC Squared, where my work on progressing their brand style and a whole heap of marketing for sales conferences and exhibitions has helped them take their Salesforce App from zero to 12,000 users in three years.

Christian is kind of our secret weapon.
— Neil Crawford, Co-founder, NC Squared