Why Creative Cadence?


The word ‘cadence’ means a rhythmic flow or sequence of actions or events, or the pattern in which these events are experienced. When I embarked on the task of naming the business, the over-riding thought in my head was that I wanted to describe the creative process and the way in which I work.

The thought process involved in conceptual thinking, designing and creating is a continuous one of thought, research, trying ideas, discounting those that don’t work and arriving at the absolute best solution. Even then, the process of rolling those ideas out across the materials or campaign necessary to give marketing success for the client is a constant one, often an evolutionary one as time progresses.

For my clients, continual support and guidance is important – one of my key values – continuity.

For us creative-types, the cadence of creativity never stops. We have our best ideas when we least expect them – walking to the shop, cycling down the road or singing in the shower.

That is … Creative Cadence

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