If you have any questions about the way we work, please do call us. In the meantime, we hope we can answer some of the more frequently asked ones below:

We’d love to discuss working with Creative Cadence on a project, so what should we do now?

We like to meet our clients face-to-face if possible. This means we can find out all about you, your business and your creative needs. We’ll ask about the project, what you hope to achieve for your business, who the piece is aimed at and whether you have any existing marketing materials or brand identity it needs to fit with. We can have a conversation over the phone if it’s difficult to meet up.

How much will it cost?

Some clients are happy to work on an hourly or daily rate basis (but not many). The best way for you is a fixed quote. After we’ve met or spoken about your job we’ll create a quote for the work we’ve discussed. This will be a fixed price quote based on the time we estimate the job will take. It will also take into account our experience and the value we believe we can add to your business. The quote will include amends and print or web build costs if necessary. We’ll clearly state how many rounds of amends are included. The only item that won’t be included is costs for photographic imagery. It’s hard to know how much photography we’ll need until we start a job, but we’ll always agree the costs for any stock library images with you before purchase.

Ooh … that’s seems a bit expensive

In our initial meeting, we’ll always ask if you have a budget in mind for the work you require. This doesn’t mean that we’ll just quote to that figure, but it’s useful to have an idea. It takes time to put costs together, so if it’s clear straight away that we don’t think your budget is enough for the work you need, then at least we can discuss at that point, rather than once you receive the quote. We quote honestly, based on estimated time and experience, but we’re always willing to discuss a quote. We’d much rather work with you and help your business than not … within reason. Being a small (but lovely) consultancy, with low overheads, we’re more often better value than some larger local agencies.

I’m worried I won’t like what you produce

If you’ve come to us because you love the work in our portfolio, then we’re confident you’ll love what we produce for you. We won’t present the work to you until we’re happy with it. As long as we have a decent brief of your requirements (gleaned in our initial meeting) then we think the work will be effective. Our friends over at Watertight Marketing have written a great piece that gives ‘10 Simple Steps to Writing a Marketing Brief’, which might be useful to you. We can’t remember a situation where a client hasn’t liked anything we’ve produced for them.

Can you give me some ideas of what you might do before I commission you?

‘No’ is the quick answer to this. As members of the Design Business Association (DBA) we, along with its other members, have agreed not to take part in pitches which require unpaid work. The level of payment for design work should relate to the time and effort involved. (Point 7 of the DBA’s Recommended Code of Conduct). We provide a valuable service which, with a good creative brief, we believe you’ll love. After all, you wouldn’t take your car to a mechanic, ask them if they could do part of a service and then say that if you like what they’ve done, you’ll pay for the rest.

What if I need other services for my business such as marketing advice or copywriting?

Whilst we handle mostly graphic design work, we have a number of trusted suppliers in our network that we can recommend for copywriting or marketing. Just ask us and we’d be only too happy to give you their details. We also have good relationships with local photographers, should you require bespoke photography.

So, once the work is complete, what happens?

Once the work is signed off by you, we’ll do the following:

  • Send it to print, let you see a proof if required, then print the full run once you’re happy. We can delivery to your home or business address. If you’d rather handle your own print, we can provide high resolution print-ready pdfs for you to supply your chosen printer.
  • For graphics or documents you’ll be sharing online, by email or via social media, just let us know what format you need them in (pdf, jpegs, pngs) and we can supply what you need. If you’re not sure, just ask and we can help.
  • For a website we’ll produce visuals of the main pages first, for you to sign off, then give it to our coder to build. You’ll be able to view progress on a server hosted by our coder and sign off on this before we make the site live to the world.
    For logos and brand identity, we can supply a set of logos for your use in a range of formats for use in print, web, and Microsoft Office or Google Docs. If you require logos or brand elements in any other formats, just talk to us.


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