Employee handbook for Desynit

Desynit Employee Handbook cover

We were contacted by existing client, Desynit, to design and layout an internal employee handbook. Desynit had written the content and the piece already existed as a shared Google document. However, it was currently quite a dry, text-only document. It needed to be brought in line with the rest of the Desynit brand style and be something that new employees would warm to.

Desynit Employee Handbook contents

The piece was designed as an A4 booklet, but supplied as a single-page pdf, purely for viewing on screen. Having pre-thought to design it as a booklet, meant that it could be printed as a hard copy easily in the future if required.

Desynit Employee Handbook need to welcome spread

Containing important information for employees such as codes of conduct, training, holiday policies and pensions information, the handbook was brought to life with photography and on-brand illustration.

Desynit Employee Handbook need to know spread

An illustrated icon was used at the beginning of each new section in the handbook, to help clearly define subject areas, as well as adding interest to the piece.

Desynit Employee Handbook communication spread

Clickable links were also integrated into the pdf, taking employees to relevant documents stored on the internal server.

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